Become a Covenant Member

What is Covenant Membership?

Covenant Membership is the unified relationship between God, the leaders of His church, and its members. Becoming a member is your way of saying, “I’m all in.” It’s also the best way to tell The District’s pastors, “I want your prayers, your counsel, your teaching, and your godly example.” It is also a commitment to the other members that you are for them and are willing to open your lives to them. Covenant Membership is a commitment to our family and of our family and pastors to you.

How do I become a Covenant Member?

Connect with a leader for coffee or dinner.

Here, you’ll get a snapshot of the identity of The District Church.

Attend The District Membership Class.

This is a Friday night, Saturday morning membership class that covers in depth the identity of The District Church including its Elders, Worship, Discipleship, Multiplication, and Members.

Schedule an Elder Interview.

Don’t be intimidated by this step! This really serves as a way for us to get to know your story more personally and allow for you to ask any questions about our church and covenant membership.

Finalizing Membership and Profession.

After the interview, you will take the next steps to sign the Covenant Membership Agreement, publicly profess it at one of our Sunday Gatherings, and the Elders will walk with you through any further requirements needed to become a member, such as baptism.

For more information about Covenant Membership, contact