Get Started Giving

Although everything we own belongs to God anyway,

God himself is a far more lavish, sacrificial giver to us than we could ever be in return.

The death and resurrection of Jesus represent the most generous gift ever given – when the King of Glory gave up everything in order to reconcile us to God. Giving cheerfully, sacrificially, and consistently to this King is a part of our worship.

At The District, we have 3 stages of giving to help

disciple you in this act of worship:

1. Start Giving

If you don’t worship through giving, start. Make your first financial gift – whether it’s a lot or a little.

2. If you’re an irregular giver, commit to giving regularly

perhaps manually every Sunday, setting up automatic giving, or once per paycheck. 10% of your income is a good target, but if the best you can do right now is, say 6%, then give 6% regularly and work towards 10% down the road.

3. Sacrificial Giving

Once you are regularly giving a portion of your income, consider giving sacrificially above and beyond to the mission and vision God has entrusted to us. This might be a large one-time gift, or smaller, regular above-and-beyond giving.